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General Conference of Evangelical Protestant Churches


To assist those who are called into GOD'S service but do not meet our educational requirements, the GCEPC established Concordia Theologica Institute For Biblical Studies (CTI). The Institute was established in 2001 and provides the additional biblical education needed to meet our requirements for ordination. This coursework is not offered to the general public. It is offered free of charge only for ministerial candidates who are seeking to meet our educational requirements. Under this program applicants are required to commit to credentialing as an EPC/LEPC minister after completing the Concordia Theologica coursework.  Candidates who complete the core courses will achieve a Bachelor of Practical Ministry. 

Existing EPC/LEPC ministers who possess an undergraduate Bachelor degree may enroll in the tuition free advanced program. This program is open only to Evangelical Protestant and Lutheran Evangelical Protestant ministers. Provision has been made for the earning of our denominational Masters, Doctoral or the combination Masters/Doctoral Program. If you are interested in this program and you are an EPC/LEPC minister please contact the General Conference Office for more information.  

All courses are provided online through Moodle™. Visit our page on Concordia for more information. 


Laying on of Hands

Ministers who are credentialed with us may participate in an ordination service with the laying on of hands. You may also request ordination into Apostolic Succession. Through the Order of Corporate Reunion, a holy order established by Pope Pius in the late 1800's, (and recognized as valid by the Vatican today), the line of Apostolic Succession has been extended through the Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church.  Apostolic Succession is the laying on of hands, one to another in an unbroken line of succession from the original Apostles down through history to today. This lineage is recognized by Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman) Catholic churches, as well as others. Through these various lineages, The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church is in direct Apostolic Succession of St Peter, St James, St Mark, St Paul, St John and St Andrew. Copies of the Apostolic Succession lineage of The Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church are available upon serious and legitimate request by contacting our office.

Chartered Ministries

All ministries established by EPC/LEPC ministers should be chartered with the GCEPC. We can provide guidance in pursuing Articles of Incorporation in your state and your own tax exempt status. There is an chartering application to complete. For more information contact the General Conference office.


If you are interested in chaplaincy for military, fire/police, mental health, motorcycle, disaster relief, correctional institutes and more we have a dedicated Director of Chaplaincy who will assist you with basic understanding of chaplaincy, continuing education resources and other administrative needs. The GCEPC can provide Ecclesiastical Endorsement for Military chaplains to the Department of Defense.  For more information on Chaplaincy click here. 

Church Planting 

All churches planted by our ministers will be a Lutheran Evangelical Protestant/Evangelical Protestant Church registering with the Denomination. Established churches seeking Denominational affiliation are encouraged to contact us.


The GCEPC supports missions at home and abroad. We also provide spiritual guidance and assistance with evangelical outreach and education.  Our Director of Missions is available for those ministers who seek to minister on the mission field. Please contact the General Conference office for more information.


Board of Advisors/

Synod Region Bishops

- Rev. Dr. David Church
- Rev. Dennis Overlein 
- Rev. Dr. William Dorn 
- Rev. Dr. Israel Ikpeka 


Executive Board: 

- Rev. Nancy K. Drew Presiding Bishop/President

- Rev. Jessica Johnston Executive Bishop/Vice President

- Rev. Dr. David Church, Director of Missions

- Rev. Patrick Pierce, Ecumenical Affairs  

- Rev. Dennis Overlein, Director of Chaplaincy  


Here I am. Send me.  I heard the voice of the LORD as he was asking, "Whom will I send?  Who will go for us?" "Here I am!" I replied. "Send me." Isaiah 6:8  

We seek to empower men and women called by God to ministry. To carry the 
message and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to His world, the world He came  to save.  We do so by inviting those individuals to seek ordination and credentialing  with us. Ordination is open to men and women who accept our Statement of Faith, Core Beliefs and Position Statements.  By being ordained with this church we purpose  to provide administrative and spiritual oversight that rthe message and ministry of Jesus Christ can be carried to the ends of the earth.

We also will receive Ministers from other evangelical bodies by transfer 
providing they  accept our Statement of Faith, Core Beliefs and Position Statements. 

All  candidates must complete three courses through The Concordia Theologica Institute For Biblical Studies: "History of the EPC," "Spiritual Gifts Inventory," and "The Servant Shepherd Model of Leadership."
All ordinations must be approved by the Executive Board and Board of Advisors and all credentials must come from the Synod Main Office.  If you are interested in ordination or transfer of credentials please complete the Application Packet and mail to the General Conference office. Mailing information is in the Application Packet.

If you are interested in being credentialed or have questions, please email the General Conference.  We look forward to hearing from you.