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General Conference of Evangelical Protestant Churches

Nigeria Prison Ministry group taking supplies to inmates.

Bishop Israel Illpeka and Rev. Elizabdeth Ilpeka and their family.


Executive Board: 

- Rev. Nancy K. Drew Presiding Bishop/President

- Rev. Jessica Johnston Executive Bishop/Vice President

- Rev. Dr. David Church, Director of Missions

- Rev. Patrick Pierce, Ecumenical Affairs  

- Rev. Dennis Overelein, Director of Chaplaincy  

Rev. Dr.Fred Macharia is Bishop of Kenya and 
Academic Dean for Concordia Theologica Kenya training indigenous ministers to reach their own people with the ministry of the good news of Jesus Christ. Ministers have been ordained and currently take the Gospel to the people of Kenya, the Congo, and Angola holding open meetings and establishing churches.

​Bishop Israel Ilpeka is Bishop of Nigeria. He is president of Freedom Bible School and ordains ministers of the of the EPC GCEPc/LEPc in Nigeria. He and his wife Rev. Elizabeth Ilpeka travel to surrounding villages for ministry and have a Marriage and Family Ministry. Their daughters have a ministry in music.

 Rev. Dr. David Church

The GCEPC supports missions at home and abroad. We do this through ordination, providing Concordia Theologica courses to train indigenous ministers as well as spiritual guidance.. We provide assistance with evangelical outreach and education to International Bishops. Our Director of Missions is available for those ministers  who seek to minister on the mission field. Please contact the General Conference office for more information. If you would like to donate to our missions please see our Contribution link. Bishop David Church is Director of Missions.

Board of Advisors/

Synod Region Bishops

- Rev. Dr. David Church
- Rev. Dennis Overlein 
- Rev. Dr. William Dorn 
- Rev. Dr. Israel Ikpeka 


Concordia Theologica Kenya

- Rev. Dr. Francesco Reale
- Rev. Dr. Fred Macharia 
- Rev. Dr. Michael Norton
- Rev. Dr. Harvey Menden 

Bishop Fred Macharia, Nairobi