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​September 27,2015 Ordination/Consecration Wisconsin Synod Region, Dousman, Wisconsin.

Summer 2015


Spring 2015

Winter 2014

Feb 28-Mar 2,2014 General Conference Assembly, West Columbia,SC.

Fall 2014

September 20, 2014 Service of Ordination and Consecration, Waupan, Wisconsin

Summer 2014

Israel Tour Feb.2014
Open to all ministers and spouses

Spring 2014


Ministers Messages
In Memoriam:
Bishop Rev. Dr. Robert Tutrone
Fall 2013

​Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Disclaimer Regarding the LOC 2010

Response to ELCA Decisions 8/2009
Winter 2012

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Copyrights,Trade/Servicemarks, Permissions

All acronyms, logos, names and materials 
on all of our EPC GCEPC/ LEPC websites, periodicals,writings, books, publishings and media of any type is copyrighted and trade or service marked and is owned by our ministry and non-profit corporations and is not to be used without written consent from our General Conference Office. All rights are reserved. 

To request permission:

All applications for permission must answer the following and be in writing:

  1. Who are you? (Name, address, phone numbers, contact person, school, church or organization.)
  2. What do you want to use? Please be specific.
  3. How will it be used and the rights you are requesting such as one time use, permanent use, number of copies, format you want to use, who is the audience, event title and dates?
  4. We reserve right to deny use. We appreciate your understanding.

Board of Advisors/

Synod Region Bishops

- Rev. Dr. David Church
- Rev. Linda Dabney 
- Rev. Dennis Overlein 
- Rev. Dr. William Dorn 
- Rev. Dr. Israel Ikpeka 

The General Conference of Evangelical Churches produces various communications authored by the ministers of this ministry and guest writers who have been invited to submit.  The first issue of our quarterly Evangelical Protestant Magazine was published in 1917. Publishing was resumed in 2000 after reorganization of the GCEPC. We also have special messages, updates and announcements from our Presiding Bishop and Executive Board as well notices of use to the public at large.



Executive Board: 

- Rev. Nancy K. Drew Presiding Bishop/President

- Rev. Jessica Johnston Executive Bishop/Vice President

- Rev. Dr. David Church, Director of Missions

- Rev, Ralf Muller, Rev. Patrick Pierce, Ecumenical Affairs  

- Rev. Dennis Overlein, Director of Chaplaincy  

Media Ministry:

- Rev. Steve Bacon, Rev. Brian Jones

- Rev. Dr. Francesco Reale
- Rev. Dr. Fred Macharia 
- Rev. Dr. Elijah Ruboneka 
- Rev. Dr. Michael Norton
- Rev. Dr. Harvey Menden 
- Rev. Dr. Ralf Muller


We do not give out personal information of our ministers. If you will send us your contact information we will be happy to forward it to the minister. They can then decide whether to contact you. Thank you for your understanding.

We will confirm/verify the status of a minister with their verbal or written consent.
Letters of Release of Jurisdiction, Letters of Good Standing, Letters of Endorsement are available through the General Conference Office for minister's in good standing if requested by the minister or with the minister's written consent.

We will confirm with a written request that  a minister is not affiliated with us.

We will not verify valid credentials for a minister whose credentials have been revoked for cause.

Annual Ministry Reports are due between December 1 and January 31 each year. Faith pledges are due by January 31 of each year.

Receipts for contributions are sent each year by electronic mail by January 31 for the previous year.

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