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General Conference of Evangelical Protestant Churches


Our Office of Chaplaincy will be pleased to assist you with your Chaplaincy inquiry. We can assist you with Ecclesiastical Endorsement for military chaplaincy, provide you with ecclesiastical endorsement for hospital chaplaincy, institutional chaplaincy and help with other specialty chaplaincy requirements including ordination and credentialing. We are members of the National Association of Evangelicals Chaplaincy Commission endorsing military and institutional chaplaincy.We are listed in the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches (p135) and the ELCA Yearbook. Annual Chaplaincy Workshops are held annually through the NAE.Chaplaincy is known as the ministry of presence and is considered a specialized field.Chaplains are required to complete our Credentials Application and go through the credentialing process  including background check and references and applying for a Letter of Endorsement if needed. Please review our Application Packet and contact our General Conference Office with any further questions. 

  • Military Chaplaincy
  • Fire/Police/Emergency Services Chaplaincy
       Correctional Institute Chaplaincy
  • Health Care Chaplaincy
       Mental Health Chaplaincy 
       Residential Care and nursing home Chaplaincy
       Hospital Chaplaincy                           
  • Motorcycle Chaplaincy
  • Disaster Relief
       Environmental Chaplaincy
  • Specialization in Chaplaincy


Executive Board: 

- Rev. Nancy K. Drew Presiding Bishop/President

- Rev. Jessica Johnston Executive Bishop/Vice President

- Rev. Dr. David Church, Director of Missions

- Rev, Ralf Muller, Rev. Patrick Pierce, Ecumenical Affairs  

- Rev. Dennis Overlein, Director of Chaplaincy  


- Rev. Dr. Francesco Reale
- Rev. Dr. Fred Macharia 
- Rev. Dr. Michael Norton
- Rev. Dr. Harvey Menden 
- Rev. Dr. Ralf Muller

Board of Advisors/

Synod Region Bishops

- Rev. Dr. David Church 
- Rev. Dennis Overlein 
- Rev. Dr. William Dorn 
- Rev. Dr. Israel Ikpeka